Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vintage Applause for the Driving Glove Trend

Every Vintage store always has a whole pile of cute gloves stashed somewhere. I know you've seen them...but this is the winter to snatch them up, ladies! For a perfectly unique, creative take on this season's driving glove trend, I'm sending you a vintage gloved high five. -Gypsy

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What (I wish) I wore today

If you wish you wore it too, Find us. Next time you stumble upon Gypsy's booth, you can put together a similar look from the vintage & nearly new items on our racks... at a minuscule fraction of the cost.
What (I wish) I wore today

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gypsy/Proxy Contest: Vote by Midnight for Your Favorite Outfit!

The photos of this past Sunday's Styling Contest entrants have been posted both on our facebook page and on Proxy Apparel's Facebook page. Whoever has the most total likes on their photo by midnight tonight wins Proxy apparel's TuTu Revolution dress as well as an $80 gift certificate to Gypsy! YES we know that having the photos online in both places means you and your friends can vote twice! Please do.

Here's how it works. Tonight at midnight on the dot we'll add together each photo's TOTAL number of likes from both pages, and let the lucky lady know she has won!

Special thanks to Erin Pearlman for her wonderful photography and enthusiasm.

To purchase Gypsy items come see us at the Sowa Vintage Market every Sunday all year, or around town at other special events. Visit to see our tour schedule.

To purchase the TuTu Revolution dress or see other Proxy fair trade goods, click here:

Monday, October 31, 2011

Contest: Style this dress at the SOWA Vintage Market Nov 6th, for a chance to win $160 in clothes

Next week, on November 6th, our friends at Proxy Apparel will be joining us in our booth at the SoWa Vintage Market to run a fun little dress-up contest for anyone who has ever wanted to try their hand at fashion styling.

Proxy Apparel is an ethical clothing company based in Boston, with a mission to empower and employ women in a sweatshop-free sustainable world. Check out their website to see the women's cooperatives who directly benefit from Proxy purchases, then come help support Proxy's mission and enter to win $160 in clothing this Sunday.

All you have to do is show up 10-4 and Style their TuTu Revolution Dress with Gypsy merchandise for a chance to win both the TuTu dress and $80 worth of Gypsy clothes.

We’ll have the TuTu dress in every size, so put it on, and then layer up!

Proxy will photograph all aspiring stylists, and post the pictures on the Proxy Apparel Facebook page that evening. If your photograph has the most likes by midnight on November 9th, you could be the grand winner!


Gypsy's booth is indoors at the Sowa Vintage Market from 10am-4pm, at 500 Harrison Ave, Boston MA

The Sowa Vintage Market is in the far end of the brick mill building that is 500 Harrison, so just walk down to the end of the pedestrian Thayer street, past the galleries and Bobby from Boston, then look for the Vintage Market signs & open doors on your right at the end.

For more information about the SoWa Vintage Market follow them on Twitter @sowavintagemkt, on Facebook at or go to

Check Proxy's mission and merch out at Proxy is also on Twitter@proxy_apparel and Facebook at apparel

And don't forget, Gypsy on Twitter @findGypsy, and on facebook at,

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The "Gypsy Inspiration Board" on Pinterest

Ruth of Gypsy keeps a Pinterest board of all the trends she wants to shop for you. And then she goes and finds them. Because she is really, really good at finding exactly what she looks for.

Are you on Pinterest? Follow her board to see the inspiration for our collections each season. Comment on your favorites, so she knows to look harder for more of those items. Not on pinterest? Well, why in the world not? (but you can browse the board even so).

Upcoming Shows:

Monday, August 1, 2011

Gypsy items featured in photoshoot for New Brahmin

New Brahmin's latest Spotlight Editorial is themed "Summer Camp" and features many Gypsy items. Take a look at these shots to see how stylist Callista Wilson styled Gypsy and get ideas on how to vacation with the pieces you've found on our racks lately. You can work it, whether you are headed to summer camp, a weekend in Maine or just a Saturday on the cape.

Also, the 80's high-waist lace up shorts with eyelet trim are still for sale believe it or not! Check our event page and come get-em.

Photographer: Chris Churchill
Stylist: Callista Wilson
Hair & Makeup: Lara Keefe
Models: Tessa Morrissey, Kylar Loya, Marie Wu, Mark Mooseburner, Christine Stripinis (Maggie)

Monday, July 18, 2011

What to do with scissors (and what not to do)

I have at least one pair of scissors in every room of the house. And a pair in my car. In my bedroom alone are two pairs of large fabric-sharp scissors, a pair of thinning shears, two or three little fiskars for paper, thread snips... etc.

You might say I'm a cutter. Every so often I get the urge to drastically alter something by snipping it to shreds...and yesterday when I left the SOWA Vintage Market, it was one of those times.

Now, usually my mop top takes most of the scissor heat. Curly hair is pretty forgiving, but since stylists are not & I have an appointment with Casey tomorrow, not to mention enough self respect to cringe at the idea of explaining myself (again)... I focused on tee shirts instead.

Truth be told I left SOWA jealously haunted by this one cute customer who came in wearing an almost perfect fringed slouchy tee shirt she got at urban outfitters that morning. So on the way home I stopped into my favorite local thrift shop _____ (any guesses?) and completely bought out the XL solid colored tees. Then I went to work snipping all that volume into fringe, in different extra interesting places. They came out pretty neat. Come see the whole lot on our racks at SOWA next week.

But apparently that wasn't enough cutting for one evening. Digging through some stuff I've been meaning to retire to Gypsy, I found this ruffled Banana Republic dress I'd already snipped into a shirt. I'm hopelessly attracted to ruffles, even though they seem a bit tired this season. So I had the bright idea of having my cake and eating it too by fringing the RUFFLE. Voila. Revival.

It's hands down the best thing I've ever cut up. The ladies at the office and the ladies at the RI Antiques market (I lunchbreak in my booth there) both went absolutely nuts over it.

Want one?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Brimfield, & Other News

Whew! It has been a while since I posted. So sorry for the absence, but we've been busy! Our steady Sunday gig at the SOWA Vintage Market is hopping, and has tons of regular visitors. Check our facebook page for pics of recent try-ons there. Some of the items are even still available.

We've also recently done Swap and Shop house parties in Vermont and Cambridge, and Our permanent booth at the Rhode Island Antiques mall is soooo close to being fully set up (see pic)! One more lunchbreak spent pasting fabric to walls, another evening pricing jewelry over a glass of wine in my roof garden, and it'll be all set.

Also, Gypsy items have been loaned out for photoshoots to both New Brahmin and a fabulous indie band called Family of the Year, so exciting pictures will follow soon. As soon as I have them.

Biggest news this week is that Gypsy will be at Brimfield on Friday (and possibly Saturday too if we have anything left!) Find us in Quaker Acres Booth 28-29 with our new best buddies the Antique Warriors.


  • Sunday July 10 SOWA Vintage Market 10am-4pm, Boston MA
  • Friday 7/15 Brimfield Antiques Show (Quaker Acres booth 27-28)8am-4pm, Brimfield MA
  • Saturday 7/15 (!!If we have stuff left!!) Brimfield Antiques Show (Quaker Acres booth 27-28) 8am-4pm, Brimfield MA
  • Sunday 7/17 SOWA Vintage Market 10am-4pm, Boston MA
  • Sunday 7/24 SOWA Vintage Market 10am-4pm, Boston MA
  • Sunday 7/31 SOWA Vintage Market 10am-4pm, Boston MA
  • Sunday 8/21 Somerville Rock & Roll Yard Sale, 11am-5pm RSVP on Facebook
  • Thursday, June 16, 2011

    Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

    I posted this good old B52's video on Facebook a couple months ago, but here it is again, made newly appropriate by recent developments.

    So, lately you've been finding us at the Independent designer's market in Harvard Square every Saturday, but the IDM is moving to a once-a-month schedule, and will not be open this week.

    Since we're back to roaming the seaside like proper homeless gypsies, we're going to try the Providence Open Market on for size this Saturday instead. Handy, since I (Ruth) actually live in Providence! We were thinking about heading out to the Welfleet flea, but the weather looks less beachy than desired for such a trip. We'll try that some other weekend soon!

    We've also been at the SOWA Vintage market in Boston's south end most Sundays of late. We won't be there this week because of Dad's day, but we'll be back there again June 26th and regularly in July.

    Follow us on facebook or twitter to find us each weekend!

    Thursday, May 26, 2011

    There's no place like home

    We haven't found any rad ruby slippers lately, but we have found ourselves a temporary home. No, it isn't a Gypsy Waggon. Not yet.

    Story is, we'll soon be settling into a steady stint at the Independent Designer's Market in Harvard square. Find us there every Saturday in June! Between and after these dates we'll still be roaming though, like the hippest of homeless hobos.

    In other exciting news, the photo shoot we clothed for Michael Albor Hair (see pics here) has been nominated for a fashion forward award! Congrats to Michael for his breathtaking sculptural hair designs, and to our own Callista Wilson who styled the rag and jewel fashions that won the fashion forward nomination.

    Callista is featuring our summer finds in another shoot soon, so keep an eye out for more amazing photos of our stuff in the next few weeks.

    In the mean time, come see us. We've a few new dates added in addition to our residency at the IDM. Check it out:

    Monday, May 16, 2011

    This just in: "Sea Lawn" Swim Trunks by Mister Nutter

    New Englanders love wool.

    A proper Nor' Easterner knows from experience that it is the only natural fiber to wick wetness away from your skin and keep you warm even when saturated. Now New England waters are winter-cold, but swimwear hasn't taken this into account since the woolen suits of the 1920's, long before lycra and spandez.

    Partly because of the water, and partly because he's awesome, local North Shore designer Mister Nutter has launched a new line of super soft merino wool men's swim trunks in a proper 1920's style and fun bright colors. The line is called "Sea Lawn" and to explain the name I'll just say that you are a poor soul if Singing Beach is all you know of Manchester-by-the-Sea.

    They are as soft as flannel, hold their shape when wet, and are as warm as a wet suit but way more stylin'. Take one surfing, you hottie.

    We'll have a few for you perusal at our next event: An Affordable Wardrobe's Top Shelf Flea Market Sunday 5/22 in Davis Square. See you there.

    Thursday, May 12, 2011

    Last Minute Event

    Gypsy has just confirmed that this Saturday, May 14th, will be our first date with the Independant Designer's Market in Harvard Square at 30 Brattle St., Cambridge MA 02138.

    IDM is carving out a space for Boston’s independent designers and artists to showcase their work, gain greater exposure and establish a presence in the community. This Market runs almost every Saturday, year round and Gypsy hopes to do many more dates here in the future! Be sure to come with cash to snap up great bargains on exclusive designs (NOTE: Gypsy takes credit cards, but no promises about the other vendors). Check out the IDM on facebook for more info

    Upcoming Dates:

    Friday, April 29, 2011

    Gypsy Hits the Shoe Jackpot

    Ruth went shopping again, and it was a shoe frenzy! This is a small sampling of the entire collection right now. Come to one of our upcoming events to snap these up before somone else does, most of our shoes are in the $8 -$25 range!

    Upcoming public events:

    Friday, April 8, 2011

    Callista's Picks for Spring

    Callista's Stylist Agency Ennis just blogged a collection of her favorite wearables for spring! Check it out to see what kind of cuteness we're gathering for your blooming closets this year.

    More info on our May 22nd sale at the Top Shelf Flea Market in Davis Square is coming soon, but if you like Callista's picks here you'll love what we're bringing there!

    If you can't wait 'till may email to talk about hosting a house party for your friends! We're never too old to play dress-up. Ever.

    See you soon, Ruth

    Monday, April 4, 2011

    Gypsy items featured in photoshoot for Michel Albor hair

    Ooo... look at these. Ruth loaned out some of her Gypsy merchandise for this photoshoot for Michael Albor Hair. Many of these items are still for sale, so find us soon to snatch them up! In the mean time visit Michael Albor at The Loft Salon and Day Spa on Newbury Street in Boston for some hair fun of your own.

    photo © Joel Benjamin
    hair: Michael Albor
    makeup: Mariolga
    styling: Callista Wilson
    Models: Marie Galvin, Beth Ladew, Cameron (with Maggie)

    Thursday, January 27, 2011

    Gypsy Now takes Credit Cards!

    Have you heard about SquareUp? Back in November I read an article in the New York Times about the company, which makes an iphone app to process credit cards without the usual expensive annual contract, and with minimal fees.

    I eventually signed Gypsy up and got my headphone-jack card swiper in the mail today! Here's how it works: You come to our next sale. You find some absolute must haves. To pay for them, you swipe your card through my little reader (pictured) and sign the screen of my iphone with your finger. Within seconds SquareUp will email or SMS you a receipt complete with a pic of the items you bought and a map of where you were at the moment. So fun.

    We'd love to play with our new toy as much as possible at the Feb 13th sale, but you should still try and bring cash if you can. There are fees involved in using this service, so Gypsy will probably have to set a minimum amount for card purchases and/or tack on a tiny extra fee to cover our cost. BUT its good to know you have the option. Right? Right. See you soon.

    Up Next: Gypsy at the Rock N Roll Yard Sale, Pawtucket RI 2/13/11

    WHERE: The Met, 1005 Main Street Pawtucket, RI
    WHEN: February 13th 2011 Noon to 6pm

    The Met is an infamously awesome RI club! There will be awesome Djs, drinks, and shopping with Gypsy as well as other fab vendors. Callista, Ruth, and hopefully Ari will be at the Gypsy booth with the usual (unusual) rags and jewels. Come rock and roll, and shop. All at once.

    Read the full event listing and RSVP on facebook