Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gypsy Now takes Credit Cards!

Have you heard about SquareUp? Back in November I read an article in the New York Times about the company, which makes an iphone app to process credit cards without the usual expensive annual contract, and with minimal fees.

I eventually signed Gypsy up and got my headphone-jack card swiper in the mail today! Here's how it works: You come to our next sale. You find some absolute must haves. To pay for them, you swipe your card through my little reader (pictured) and sign the screen of my iphone with your finger. Within seconds SquareUp will email or SMS you a receipt complete with a pic of the items you bought and a map of where you were at the moment. So fun.

We'd love to play with our new toy as much as possible at the Feb 13th sale, but you should still try and bring cash if you can. There are fees involved in using this service, so Gypsy will probably have to set a minimum amount for card purchases and/or tack on a tiny extra fee to cover our cost. BUT its good to know you have the option. Right? Right. See you soon.

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