Monday, May 16, 2011

This just in: "Sea Lawn" Swim Trunks by Mister Nutter

New Englanders love wool.

A proper Nor' Easterner knows from experience that it is the only natural fiber to wick wetness away from your skin and keep you warm even when saturated. Now New England waters are winter-cold, but swimwear hasn't taken this into account since the woolen suits of the 1920's, long before lycra and spandez.

Partly because of the water, and partly because he's awesome, local North Shore designer Mister Nutter has launched a new line of super soft merino wool men's swim trunks in a proper 1920's style and fun bright colors. The line is called "Sea Lawn" and to explain the name I'll just say that you are a poor soul if Singing Beach is all you know of Manchester-by-the-Sea.

They are as soft as flannel, hold their shape when wet, and are as warm as a wet suit but way more stylin'. Take one surfing, you hottie.

We'll have a few for you perusal at our next event: An Affordable Wardrobe's Top Shelf Flea Market Sunday 5/22 in Davis Square. See you there.

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