Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

I posted this good old B52's video on Facebook a couple months ago, but here it is again, made newly appropriate by recent developments.

So, lately you've been finding us at the Independent designer's market in Harvard Square every Saturday, but the IDM is moving to a once-a-month schedule, and will not be open this week.

Since we're back to roaming the seaside like proper homeless gypsies, we're going to try the Providence Open Market on for size this Saturday instead. Handy, since I (Ruth) actually live in Providence! We were thinking about heading out to the Welfleet flea, but the weather looks less beachy than desired for such a trip. We'll try that some other weekend soon!

We've also been at the SOWA Vintage market in Boston's south end most Sundays of late. We won't be there this week because of Dad's day, but we'll be back there again June 26th and regularly in July.

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