Monday, July 18, 2011

What to do with scissors (and what not to do)

I have at least one pair of scissors in every room of the house. And a pair in my car. In my bedroom alone are two pairs of large fabric-sharp scissors, a pair of thinning shears, two or three little fiskars for paper, thread snips... etc.

You might say I'm a cutter. Every so often I get the urge to drastically alter something by snipping it to shreds...and yesterday when I left the SOWA Vintage Market, it was one of those times.

Now, usually my mop top takes most of the scissor heat. Curly hair is pretty forgiving, but since stylists are not & I have an appointment with Casey tomorrow, not to mention enough self respect to cringe at the idea of explaining myself (again)... I focused on tee shirts instead.

Truth be told I left SOWA jealously haunted by this one cute customer who came in wearing an almost perfect fringed slouchy tee shirt she got at urban outfitters that morning. So on the way home I stopped into my favorite local thrift shop _____ (any guesses?) and completely bought out the XL solid colored tees. Then I went to work snipping all that volume into fringe, in different extra interesting places. They came out pretty neat. Come see the whole lot on our racks at SOWA next week.

But apparently that wasn't enough cutting for one evening. Digging through some stuff I've been meaning to retire to Gypsy, I found this ruffled Banana Republic dress I'd already snipped into a shirt. I'm hopelessly attracted to ruffles, even though they seem a bit tired this season. So I had the bright idea of having my cake and eating it too by fringing the RUFFLE. Voila. Revival.

It's hands down the best thing I've ever cut up. The ladies at the office and the ladies at the RI Antiques market (I lunchbreak in my booth there) both went absolutely nuts over it.

Want one?


  1. Hahaha. I can't believe that: A. I have never run into you there and B. They have enough amazing stuff there to stock you, me, and the bazillion other vintage/antiques hawkers based here in providence.