Ancient History

To clear out closet overflow in the Spring of 2010, Three friends took out a booth at the Providence Rock and Roll Yard Sale. So many fashionable customers asked us "where is your store?" that we started to think we should get one. Just for kicks.

Gypsy was born a few weeks later and consisted of monthly pop up shops through the summer of 2010, a sleepy winter, and a worsening shopping addiction for all of us.

Then in Spring of 2011 Ruth went rogue and began operating Gypsy on her own, every weekend.  Popping up in places such as  SOWA Vintage Market, Brimfield Antiques Market, and even for a while had a booth at the Rhode Island Antiques Mall.

These days Gypsy's home base is The Vault Collective, a huge 3,000 square foot group shop Ruth opened in Providence Rhode Island to house Gypsy and 9 fellow vintage clothing dealers as well. The Vault is open to shoppers 7 days a week, but Gypsy can still be found out and about too if you pay attention. Sometimes we'll sneak a booth into an open market, sometimes a craft fair, sometimes a good friend's living room, sometimes all three at once.